How to Remove Bright White Spots in Photoshop

By Darrin Koltow

Updated September 28, 2017

Knowing how to use Photoshop to remove your photo's bright white spots lets you depict your subjects in their best light. It also develops skills in using the program’s tools for fixing photos and other pictures. To remove bright white spots in Photoshop you can use the Healing brush tool to sample an image region that doesn’t have white spots, then brush over the white spots to replace them with the sampled region.

Click the “File” menu, then click the “Open” command. Navigate to a file containing white spots you want to remove, then click the dialog box’s “Open” button to load the image into Photoshop.

Click the magnifying glass icon from the tool palette to run the Zoom tool, then click above and to the left of the region with bright white spots requiring correction. Drag down and right until the moving dashed lines of the selection region surrounds the area displaying the white spots.

Release the mouse to make the Zoom tool fill the display with the region you selected.

Click the bandage icon in the tool palette to run the Healing brush tool, then click the “Sample” option located above the canvas. This tells Photoshop you want to use the color from a region without white spots to correct the white spots.

Click the second drop-down list above the canvas to display the Brush presets toolset, which lets you shape and size the Healing brush. Drag the “Size” slider to the right, then move your mouse cursor toward one of the white spots. If the brush attached to the cursor looks too large, drag the Size slider back toward the left. When you’re satisfied with the brush’s size, click the drop-down’s down arrow to close the Preset” box and finalize your brush’s size.

Press and hold the “Alt” key, then drag the mouse until the mouse cursor is over a portion of the image close to but free from white spots. Click the mouse to make Photoshop use the region under the cursor as the source for color to heal the white spots.

Release the “Alt” key, then slowly drag over one of the white spots. When you release the mouse, Photoshop will fill in the spot with color from the region you selected in the previous step.

Repeat the previous step for the remaining white spots in your image.