How to Get in "Kidz Bop"

By Mary Pletcher

Updated September 22, 2017

"Kidz Bop" is an incredibly successful series of albums featuring children singing kid-friendly versions of popular songs. With dozens of albums, including holiday and theme albums, the Kidz Bop franchise continues to enjoy success on the pop charts. Young fans of Kidz Bop can, with effort, appear on upcoming Kidz Bop albums as singers. Kidz Bop offers fans several opportunities to become a Kidz Bop kid worth the efforts of a kid who wants to hear himself on the radio, although none of them are guaranteed.

Upload a Video to

Film a video of yourself singing. Transfer it to your computer's hard drive.

Create a membership at KidzBop. Choose a user name and password and enter your parents' email address so they can confirm your registration.

Log in to Kidz Bop and click on "Upload Video" to upload your video. Agree to the Kidz Bop terms and conditions and enter a brief description of your video.

Alternate Methods

Create a webshow. Record this at your desktop or laptop computer and include yourself singing, telling jokes or dancing. Use your imagination. When you are finished, upload the webshow to your Kidz Bop account.

Enter a Kidz Bop Super Contest. Visit the Kidz Bop current Super Contest site for current contests. Create and upload a video that meets the contest criteria and encourage your family and friends to vote for you.

Enter a Kidz Bop Talent Search. Check the Kidz Bop site regularly for contests such as the Kidz Star USA Talent contest run annually, or special live talent contests run across the country.