How to Install GMod

By Jane Buchanan

Updated September 22, 2017

After purchasing and installing "Garry's Mod," or "GMod," you can create environments and build objects by using the props and characters from Valve Corporation games such as "Team Fortress 2," "Half-Life" and "Counter-Strike." "Garry's Mod" is a commercial program which you must first purchase on Steam, the game store from Valve. Steam then allows you to automatically install it onto your hard drive.

Installing Steam

Visit the "Download Steam" page on Valve's website (see Resources 1). Click on the "Install Steam now" button to start downloading the installer.

Double-click on the file you have just downloaded to run the installer.

Click on "Next" and read the license agreement. If you agree with those terms, click on "I accept this license agreement and I am 13 years old or older" and click on "Next."

Select the type of Internet connection which you are currently using and click on "Next." Select your language and click on "Next" again. Click on "Install" to launch the installation process. Steam will now install its core files and download any necessary updates.

Click on "Create a new account" if you don't already have a Steam account. Fill in the form to create a new account. If you already have a Steam account, click on "Login to existing account," type your user name and password and click on "Login."

Purchasing and Installing Garry's Mod

Visit the "Garry's Mod" product page in the Steam browser or in your regular browser (see Resources 2).

Click on "Add to Cart" next to the correct product. If you already own a game that uses the Source engine from Valve, you can buy a standalone version of "Garry's Mod." If you don't own a game that uses the Source engine, you can choose between a pack which contains "Garry's Mod" and a qualifying game.

Select if you want to purchase this game for yourself or as a gift to a friend. Depending on your settings, you might have to log in using your Steam account credentials before reaching this page.

Select which payment method you wish to use. Steam accepts several different payment methods, such as PayPal, major credit cards and WebMoney. On the next page, follow the payment instructions for the payment method you have selected. Review your details and click on "Purchase" to complete the transaction.

Click on "Install now" to install "Garry's Mod" on your hard drive. Click on "Next." Steam will now prepare the folders which it will use to save the various "Garry's Mod" files. When Steam has finished doing so, click on "Finish." Steam will now download the required files. After Steam finishes downloading the files, you will be able to launch "Garry's Mod" by double-clicking on the game's shortcut in your Steam library.