How to Use Robin's Attract Suit in "LEGO Batman" for the Wii

By Naomi Bolton

Updated September 22, 2017

While playing the third-person, action game "LEGO Batman" for the Nintendo Wii, players can play as Batman or Robin. To add more variety and challenge to the game, each character has various suits that are used to perform actions or solve puzzles in the environments. The Attract suit for Robin allows players to vacuum up certain LEGO blocks. Once players have gathered enough of these blocks, they must be deposited into a special machine to unlock a new item or area on the stage.

Smash up any objects in the environment that are made up of LEGO blocks. This includes street lights, benches and plants. After the destruction, some small LEGO bricks (named "Studs") will stay around for a while before they disappear. In some cases, yellow, green and red blocks will stay behind. These are the blocks for which the Attract suit is meant.

Press and hold down the "Z" button to activate the suit, then move your Wii remote until the crosshair on the screen is directly above the blocks. The suit will automatically suck up the blocks and the counter on Robin's back will indicate the number of blocks inside it.

Keep sucking up the red, green and yellow blocks until the counter on the back of the suit shows the number "25." This is the amount of blocks that has to be deposited into the special machines meant to be used in conjunction with the suit.

Stand in front of the Attract Suit machine (it is a machine made up of yellow, red and green blocks with a counter on the front of it), then press and hold down the "Z" key to deposit the blocks in the machine. The counter on the machine will go down from 25 to zero which then triggers a stage specific event.