How to Restart Steam

By Naomi Bolton

Updated September 22, 2017

"Steam" is a free software client for PC and MAC that allows users to purchase and play games. The Steam client has a host of extra features like chatting and the ability to automatically download patches for installed games. Steam is meant to run unobtrusively in the background but it is possible to restart it if the user wishes to do so. Restarting the Steam client is usually only necessary if the software has updated itself.

Click the "Steam" button in the top left hand corner of the client screen. Alternatively right click the "Steam" icon situated to the left of the system clock on the bottom right hand side of your Windows screen.

Click the "Exit" option. The Steam client will close down.

Double click the "Steam" icon on your Windows desktop. Alternatively click the Windows "Start" button then click the "Steam" icon from the menu.

Enter the username and password associated with your Steam account to log back into Steam.


If you still get a message stating that you have to "restart Steam" after completing this process it means the program is still loaded into memory. Either restart your computer then log back into Steam or press "CTRL+ALT+DELETE" on your keyboard then click on the "Steam" process and press the "End Task" button. Now log into Steam as normal.