How to Get the Mandalorian Helmet in "KOTOR"

By Charles Clay

Updated September 22, 2017

The Mandalorian Helmet is a quest item in "Knights of the Old Republic" (KOTOR). You complete the quest by returning the helmet to Grrrwahrr in the Lower Shadowlands of Kashyyyk, earning experience points and a powerful vibroblade. The Mandalorian Helmet is found by searching the body of the Mandalorian Commander on the west side of the map. You will need to encourage a couple of ambushes before you can encounter the commander.

Help Grrrwahrr defeat the three Mandalorians he is fighting. He will tell you the Mandalorians have been attacking unarmed travelers and he will reward you if you kill their commander.

Unequip all of your weapons and proceed toward the west. You will be ambushed twice by cloaked Mandalorians. Search their bodies until you find the Swoop Bike Signal Device.

Travel to the extreme west side of the map where three swoop bikes are parked. Use the signal device on one of the bikes to trigger the battle with the Mandalorian Commander.

Recover the Mandalorian Helmet from the Commander's body after the battle.


Focus your attacks on the Commander before turning on his two companions. All three Mandalorians have roughly similar health levels but the Commander deals much more damage.

Return the Mandalorian Helmet to Grrrwahrr to receive 350 experience points and an Echani Vibroblade.