How to Use GameShark Codes on EPSXE

By Timothy Baron

Updated September 22, 2017

Typically, gamers cannot play a PlayStation title on their computer, even though the game disc is a CD, readable by most PC optical drives. By using an emulator such as ePSXe, however, they can run PlayStation games just like their computer is a console. They can even use GameShark codes, though they'll need a third-party program to do so. PEC runs in the background while gamers are playing on the ePSXe, and if they've entered a relevant GameShark code, the program will apply it.

Download and install PEC.

Open PEC. Click "File," "User Database" and then "Add Cheat."

Double-click on "New Cheat." Enter a name for the cheat in the "Title" field and the GameShark code below that. Click "Add."

Check the box next to your cheat. Click "Okay" and then "Send Cheat to Plugin."

Start ePSXe and load your game. The GameShark codes are now active.


If you want to deactivate the codes, open PEC again and uncheck the boxes next to the code. Once again, click "Okay" and then "Upload Cheat to Plugin."