How Do I Blur the Face on a Photo?

By Kahlea Pendleton

Updated September 22, 2017

Focal Point focuses on a point of interest in a canvas or photo.
i Pixland/Pixland/Getty Images

You may have a friend who doesn't want his or her face shown on your Facebook page and, therefore, you would like to blur the face in the photo. You may also want a particular person to be the focal point in one of your pictures and blur the faces of the other subjects in the photo. In cases like these, the Photoshop software program allows you to blur a person's face with its special tools.

Launch Photoshop. Scroll to "File" and then "Open." Choose a photo and click "Open."

Scroll to the "Toolbar" on the left side of your screen. Choose the "Rectangle Marquee Tool" or click "M" on your keyboard. Create a box over the person's face and halfway between the neck area.

Scroll to "Filter" and then "Pixelate." Click "Mosaic." A window will appear. Adjust the "Cell Size" to the desired look that you wish to blur the face and then click "OK." Save the file under a new name so as not to save over the original.