How to Level Up Fast in "Viva Pinata"

By Arnold Carreiro

Updated September 22, 2017

“Viva Pinata” is playable on PC and Xbox 360 systems.
i Kiyoshi Ota/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The only way to unlock new tools, items, plants and pinata animals is by leveling up in “Viva Pinata.” There are many ways to level up your gardening experience meter so more of the game’s goodies become available quickly. One of the great things about leveling up in “Viva Pinata” is that if you are trying to rapidly gain experience, it never becomes a chore because there is so much to see and do on Pinata Island.

Lure new pinata animals to your garden for both a visiting and a resident pinata experience award. If a pinata is interested in your garden, it will cross its border and the game will give you experience as a reward. Getting a piñata to stay in the garden as a permanent resident will give you a massive experience boost. You will likely receive the visiting award for a Bunnycomb for keeping a single carrot in the garden, followed by the resident award once the bunny pinata consumes it.

Growing plants to perfection is a surefire way to swiftly level up. Developing a new plant from a seed will give you experience, while using fertilizer to expand a plant to its maximum growth will garner additional experience. A plant can be fertilized up to three times before it has fully developed, and you are awarded experience per three successful applications of fertilizer for each plant species. Applying three bags of orange fertilizer onto a sprouting pumpkin plant will give you the most experience.

Romance pinata animals for huge jackpots of experience to speedily level up. Players get a large chunk of experience for making a pinata egg the first time a pair of pinatas romance. A massive “Master Romancer” experience bonus is awarded for having seven of the same pinata species in your garden at once. Each pinata species has different requirements to romance a pair, so research them from the encyclopedia option under the menu.

Feed your pinatas unusual food and items to discover secret variant colors. A smaller experience boost is awarded for finding an item than changes a pinata creature’s natural coloring. Each animal has three items that activate one of its variant color patterns. For example, feeding Shellybean snail pinatas ears of corn, bluebell flowers and gooseberries will activate the variants of the species.