How to Get the Level 50 Cygnus Knight Mount in "MapleStory"

By Naomi Bolton

Updated September 22, 2017

Mounts are creatures that players can ride on for faster travel in the massive multiplayer online role-playing game "MapleStory." As a Cygnus Knight, the player has the chance to get a mount as soon as he reaches level 50. This triggers a series of quests that, once completed, will reward the players with the Mimiana – the first of three mounts available to this class.

Play the game until your Cygnus Knight reaches level 50. Don't spend too many mesos -- the in-game currency -- along the way, as you will need a total of 10 million mesos to get your mount.

Travel to Ereve and speak to Neinheart the tactician. You will find him two screens to the right of the crossroads of Ereve.

Return to the crossroads of Ereve and then enter the portal to the left of it to reach the training forest. Only Cygnus Knights are able to access the portal. Go left until you reach the "Training Forrest III" map and take the top-left portal to Kiridu's Hatchery.

Speak to Kiridu to receive the Mimiana egg. Kiridu is the mount trainer who stands in front of the eggs to the left of the portal. He will inform you that you need to gain experience for the egg to hatch.

Return to the training forest and battle monsters to gain experience. If you are level 50, the egg should hatch just before your character reaches level 51. Double-click on the egg to open up a status window that shows the egg's growth. The egg goes through three stages of development: first the feet appear, and then the egg and finally the Mimiana will emerge.

Return to Kiridu when the egg hatches and he will give you a new mission. The Mimiana is not strong enough to be a mount yet and requires special supplements. Return to the crossroads and speak to Kiru, the station guide, to take the sky ferry to Orbis. From Orbis, speak to the station guide and ask for passage to Mu Lung which is the area on the far right of the world map. You will appear on a platform next to a crane; speak to it for a unique trip.

Go to Herb Town once you arrive on Mu Lung. Speak to the crane that dropped you off on Mu Lung and pay him 500 mesos to take the trip. Use the portal located in the left of town to reach the pier on the beach. Speak to the dolphin found here. He is able to take you to the aquarium for the price of 10,000 mesos, so pay him and take the trip.

Use the "Jump" button (ALT) to swim to the building in the middle of the map. Enter and speak to Kenta the zoo trainer, the person in blue. Kenta will inform you that the supplements cost 10 million mesos. Pay him and then retrace your steps back to Kiridu to complete the mission and get your level 50 mount.


Be sure to stock up on Revitalizers, as these items will lower your mount's Tiredness statistic.


When your mount's Tiredness reaches its maximum level, it will kick you off.