How to Text a Wink

By Carmen S. Jones

Updated September 28, 2017

Texting friends can be a lot of fun.
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Text messages are short and quick messages to another person’s cell phone. Texting a symbol, such as a wink, is a way to tell the person you are flirting, being sarcastic or joking with her, depending on what you wrote in the text message. Texting a wink adds humor to your text message.

Open the text message application on your cell phone.

Type the person’s cell phone number or name, if you already have it saved in your cell phone, into the “To” field.

Type a text message into the “Message” box. Add the wink by tying a semicolon, followed by tapping the “Space” button, followed by a parentheses. The wink would look like this: ; ). Another way to text a wink is to type a star followed by the letter “w” and another star, with no spaces. This version of a wink would look like w.

Send the text message. The person will receive the text message shortly.