How to Upgrade the Belladonna Wand in "Final Fantasy 13"

By Timothy Baron

Updated September 22, 2017

"Final Fantasy XIII" is a turn-based role playing game. Players control a party of warriors and wizards on their quest to save the world. Along the way, the players acquire crafting components, which they can use to upgrade their equipment. Vanille's wand, the Belladonna, is a Tier 1 weapon that the player can upgrade to the Malboro Wand. Although the game features dozens of crafting items, each of which slightly improve the Belladonna, several items are more efficient than others. To upgrade the Balladonna with the least fuss and financing, invest in Vibrant Ooze and Superconductors.

Proceed through the game until you beat the Dreadnaught in chapter four. Defeating it unlocks the "Upgrade Weapon" option at every save point.

Travel to Nautilus and visit the item shop, Creature Comforts. Purchase as many Vibrant Oozes as you can carry.

Walk to Nautilus Park and go to the Motherload item shop. Purchase Uranite.

Go to Mah'habara and visit Lenora's Garage. Get a Superconductor.

Find a nearby Save Point. Activate it and choose the "Upgrade Weapon" option. Select the Belladonna Wand.

Apply 36 Vibrant Oozes first. This grants you a x3 multiplier. Apply the Superconductor next. This will level up your Belladonna Wand. You need to increase the wand to level 21 before you can upgrade it. If it isn't yet at 21, apply another 36 Vibrant Oozes and a Superconductor.

Use the Uranite on it once it's at level 21. It will transmute into the Malboro Wand.