How to Get Married in "Stick RPG 2"

By Timothy Baron

Updated September 22, 2017

"Stick RPG 2" is a Web browser-based video game. The player controls a stick figure as he works, studies and tries to survive in a virtual city. Along the way, he can get promotions, move into luxury condos and romance a wife. The game features three potential spouses, each associated with a particular path through the game. Tiffany is attracted to characters that develop their strength, Kate likes characters who emphasis their intellect and Devin wants a partner who's willing to be a little evil.


Go to the second map. Click on the woman standing by entrance. This is Tiffany and she's got a favor to ask. Agree to take her puppy to her sister.

Travel to the third map and enter the penthouse. Inside, you'll find Tiffany's sister. Give her the puppy and she'll give you a set of keys.

Return to Tiffany and give her the keys. She'll ask you to hold onto her scarf and bring to her at the club. Agree.

Visit the club on the third map after dark. Speak with Tiffany and give her the scarf. She then entrusts you with her purse.

Go to the second map the next morning. Visit Tiffany by the luxury apartments and return her purse. She gives you a watch.

Travel to the fourth map and enter the casino. Speak with the cashier to exchange the watch for a wedding ring.

Enter the Gym next door. Work out repeatedly until your Strength is at 200.

Visit Tiffany in the bar in the second map at night. Ask her to marry you. So long as you have the ring and 200 strength, she'll agree.


Visit the coffee shop on the first map in the morning. Speak with Kate and she'll give you a textbook. Take it to the university on the second map. Give the textbook to the green student and he'll give you a calculator.

Travel to the bar in the second map at night. Give Kate the calculator and she entrusts you with her mechanical pencil. Return it to her the next day. She'll be waiting in the university lobby. As a reward, she gives you a watch.

Take the watch to the casino on the third map. Exchange it for a wedding ring.

Go back to the university and speak with tutor. Ask him to study with you, improving your intelligence. Repeatedly do this until your intelligence is at 200.

Travel to the bar on the second map at night. Ask Kate to marry you. So long as you give her the wedding ring and have 200 intelligence, she'll agree.


Decrease your Karma whenever possible. Opportunities include insulting people during conversations, attacking innocent bystanders and engaging in illicit activities, such as theft or drug smuggling. Your goal is to lower your karma to at least -200.

Go to porn store on the first map. Speak with Devin and she'll entrust you with a mysterious bag. Take the bag to the third map at night. Give it to the shady guy waiting the alley by the bar. He'll give you a switchblade.

Visit the club on the third map. Speak with Devin, who is on the dance floor. She'll take the switchblade and give you the coolcard in exchange. Show this card to the patrons in the bar on the third map. They'll give you a package.

Travel to the first map the next morning. Meet Devin outside the police station and give her the package. She gives you a watch. Take the watch to the casino and exchange it for a wedding ring.

Visit Devin in the coffee shop during the evening. If you have the wedding ring and your Karma is below -200, she'll move into your apartment.