How to Make AOE3 Fit My Screen

By Stephen Lilley

Updated September 22, 2017

"Age of Empires III" is a Windows PC game that lets you control ancient armies as you do battle in the Middle Ages. The goal is to ultimately build a thriving empire capable of both sustaining itself and defending itself against a number of computer-controlled enemies. You can make the game fit your entire screen if you are playing "Age of Empires III" in window mode in just a couple of seconds.

Insert your "Age of Empires III" game disc into your computer. Select the "Play" option to load the game's main menu.

Click "Help and Tools" to view a list of settings that you can adjust in the game.

Select "Options" followed by "Graphics Options."

Remove the check from the box next to "Windowed Mode." This will allow you to play "Age of Empires III" in full screen mode.