How to Replace the Mailbox in "The Sims 3"

By Leanne Canirs

Updated September 22, 2017

"The Sims 3" is a computer game where players can create their own characters, known as Sims. Players control all aspects of the Sims' lives, from the clothing they wear to designing their homes. One thing that must be in every game is a mailbox, which is used for several in-game features such as paying bills, applying cheats and raising friendship levels. Without the mailbox, the game becomes glitchy and unplayable. Fortunately, there is a way to replace the mailbox should it be accidentally deleted.

Download the deletable mailbox mod from (see references for link). When the download finishes, double click the file and extract it to your desktop.

Open "My Documents." Double click on the file "Electronic Arts," then "The Sims 3" and "Downloads." Copy and paste the deletable mailbox mod into the "Downloads" folder.

Launch "The Sims 3." As the game loads, it will install the mod. When you get to the game's main menu, open the file that needs the mailbox replaced.

Navigate to "Buy Mode." Select "Outdoor Items," then "Lawn Ornaments." Scroll through the list of items until you find the mailbox. Click on the item to buy it, then place it on your lot. Save your game. The mailbox will now be replaced.