The Fastest Way to Learn Logic in "Sims 3"

By Seth Amery

Updated September 22, 2017

Depending on the career you've chosen in "The Sims 3," the Logic statistic could stand between your Sim and a life of fame and fortune. For example, a Mad Scientist and a World-Renowned Surgeon both need high levels of Logic before getting promoted to the high-paying positions. While you can use a cheat code to instantly raise your Logic to the highest value, players who prefer the legitimate path will find that are a few ways to help improve the rate at which a Sim can learn this statistic.

Using Cheats for Logic

If you truly can't bear the thought of all that time spent learning Logic legitimately, open up the cheats console. Although there is no code that directly raises a skill, you can take advantage of other cheats instead.

With testing cheats enabled, click on your Sim's mailbox and change Needs to Static. This ensures your Sim won't need to stop learning Logic for frivolous things like bathing and sleeping. Plop him down in front of the chess table and press "4" to maximize the game speed. Be sure to disable testing cheats again, or else your Sims might glitch, falling through the floor and getting stuck in place.

Using Your Neighborhood Resources

No matter the neighborhood your Sim lives in, there are classes for just about every skill he'd like to improve, Logic included.

Classes: The Science building gives you the chance to cough up 400 Simoleons, along with a few hours of your Sim's time, for a one-time deal to get the first point in the Logic skill.

Take-Home Books: However, the bookstore, and all bookcases you purchase, have Logic books you can take home and read to increase the skill further.

Logic Creating Logic: Once you've built up five Logic points, you get to tutor children, which also raises your Logic skill.

Using Household Purchases for Skill Gain

In addition to the bookcase, other household purchases go a long way toward improving your Sim's skills.

Chess: Most importantly, you'll want to pick up the chess table—don't forget the chairs. If you have a partner, you can face each other for added social and relationship points, but you can also study alone.

Beware, Astrologers: If you're feeling daring, go for a telescope. In rare cases for players who have "The Sims 3: Seasons" expansion pack installed, aliens kidnap a male Sim using the telescope and return him carrying a baby. After three days, he'll give birth to a little green child who can either be sent back to the aliens or kept to raise the same way as a human baby.

Using Expansions to Your Advantage

Generations Expansion: Pick up a Chemistry Table to create potions, such as a Mood Enhancer or Sleeping Elixir, which will improve your Logic skill for each potion you create.

University Expansion: Once your Sim has gained a hefty amount of Logic, consider enrolling him in University for a few terms. If he can get a Technology degree, he'll earn a major bonus later working in either the Military or Law Enforcement career paths. Paying a few Simoleons now to get a huge paycheck later: Now your Sim is thinking with Logic.

Other Beneficial Traits

Genius: Sims with the Genius trait naturally learn Logic faster than all those other pleb Sims; it also opens up the ability to interact with the computer to Solve the Unsolvable.

Computer Whiz: With the Computer Whiz trait, you can also use the computer to play Chess, eliminating the need for the pricey but traditional table.