How to Get the Clear Sphere in "FFX"

by Hollan JohnsonUpdated September 22, 2017

“Final Fantasy X” (“FFX”) is a Japanese role-playing game in the long running Final Fantasy series. “Final Fantasy X” came out in 2001 on the PlayStation 2, the first in the series on that console. The leveling system in “Final Fantasy X” is different from every other Final Fantasy game. There is a sphere grid of level ups and every time you engage in a battle and earn AP you are closer to moving up your characters on the grid. Spheres are used to activate power up nodes. Clear spheres are also available to erase an activated node.

Go to the Monster Arena in the “Final Fantasy X” game world. Purchase weapons from the Trainer meant to capture fiends.

Fight in the Monster Arena and kill fiends with your newly purchased weapons. After you kill a fiend it will go into your capture list. Capture five of every type of fiend. This unlocks Ultima Buster.

Go to the Trainer in the Monster Arena and purchase the Clear Sphere for 10,000 gil.


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