How to Make a JPG Collage

By Christina Sloane

Updated September 22, 2017

Make a photo collage to show a sample of your work.
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Making digital photo collages is a quick way to share a variety of photos without sending multiple large attachments or forcing viewers to click through a long slideshow. If you are a model, artist or photographer, a JPG collage gives busy agents and potential employers a quick look at your talents and range. You can make a photo collage using a basic word processing program.

Save your desired images as .JPG images if they aren’t already saved as that file type. These images are smaller than most other image files. To save a file as a .JPG, go to "File," then "Save As," then choose ".JPG" or ".JPEG" from the Format drop down menu and click “OK” or “Save.”

Open a new blank document with your word processing program.

Point to “Insert,” then select “Photo” or “Image.” Select your desired first image from your computer. The image will display in your word processing document.

Click on the image to change the size: click and drag the corners of the image to change its size without changing proportions, or click and drag on the sides of the image to make it shorter, taller, wider or narrower.

Click and drag on the center of the image to change its placement on the page.

Insert additional images and change their sizes, shapes and placements the same way until you have a page full of images in your desired composition.

Save the document. If you need to save the collage itself as a .JPG document, take a screen shot of the collage and save the screen shot as a .JPG.