How to Put a Password in Sim Girls - DNA 2

By Bryan Roberts

Updated September 22, 2017

Sim Girls - DNA 2 is a dating simulation game in which you embody a young man whose only goal is to find a date. To do so, he must find out what several girls in his town like and buy them gifts to impress them. There are a few passwords available for the game that can give you extra money and other perks. You can find these passwords on game cheats and code websites. However, to use a password correctly, you must know where to enter it.

Open Sim Girls - DNA 2, and press the space bar on your keyboard to begin a new game.

Select a look for your character to move on to the character information screen.

Enter your password for the game in the "Name" section of the character information screen. Enter the other information as you wish.

Press the "Next" button on the character information screen to begin the game with the password enabled.