How to Romance a Desire Demon in "Dragon Age"

By Timothy Baron

Updated September 22, 2017

"Dragon Age: Origins" is a single-player, role-playing game. Gamers create a character and guide him through a fantasy world replete with monsters, demons and magical races. The game also includes romantic characters. Most are long-term companions, but a player's character also can have a romantic experience with a Desire Demon. Although the game has dozens of Desire Demons, only one approaches the player's character and offers a romantic compromise to combat, and the option is open only to Mage characters.

Proceed through the game until you reach Redcliffe Castle. Inside, you will find that the Arl's son, Connor, is possessed by a Desire Demon. If you are a Mage character, you can enter the Fade and battle the demon yourself. Otherwise, you have to rely upon another character to enter the Fade, in the process losing your chance to romance the Desire Demon.

Speak with Connor while in the Fade. The Desire Demon will come out and fight you. Cast "Rock Armor" to defend yourself, and then fight back with spells like "Fireball," "Blizzard" or "Crushing Prison," depending on your specializations. Of the three, "Crushing Prison" is the most effective against the Desire Demon.

Heal yourself after the demon flees through the portal. If you don't have a heal spell, simply wait as your health and mana regenerate. Afterward, chase the demon through the portal and fight it again. It will flee once more. Chase it through the next portal.

Approach the demon. It will offer you a deal: If you let it stay in Connor's body, it will grant you a wish. The options include learning "Blood Magic," gaining a new talent or having a romance. Choose to romance the Desire Demon.