How to Reopen Closed Notifications in "Sims 3"

by Leanne Canirs ; Updated September 22, 2017

Notifications in "Sims" games alert the player to accomplishments or chances to win awards. Notifications happen most often when you're talking to other Sims, or while your Sims is at work. They appear at the top of the player's screen, and tend to fade away into the side of the screen within seconds. In "Sims 3: Ambition" a player can click a button to see a limitless amount of notifications at once.

Move the mouse cursor over to the area where the notification appeared.

Click on the orange arrow. This will expand to show the previously closed notification.

Click the orange arrow button to scroll through previous notifications. It will show all notifications in the order they popped up from the time you started your game file.

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