How to Copy & Paste Zalgo Text

By Alex Tannin

Updated September 15, 2017

Zalgo text is a style of writing on the internet that causes characters to appear distorted, perhaps because the web browser is malfunctioning. Zalgo text was first created by users of the message board Something Awful in 2004. People often use Zalgo on Internet forums or blogs to give the impression that their text is somehow “haunted.” Creating, copying and pasting Zalgo text is a relatively easy task that anyone with access to the Internet can do.

Load the Zalgo Text Generator linked in the "Resources" section of this article. Clear the text from the box at the top of the screen and type in the text you wish to distort.

Click the buttons under the top box to change the manner of distortion. To have Zalgo move in an upwards direction, check the “Zalgo going up” box. To have Zalgo moving horiziontally, click the “Zalgo the middle” box. For downwards Zalgo, check “Zalgo going down.” Select either “mini Zalgo,” “normal Zalgo” or “maxi Zalgo” to choose how distorted you want your text to be. Be warned that selecting a high level of Zalgo may cause the original text to become unreadable. Click the red “Zalgo!” button under the text to convert it.

Highlight the Zalgo text in the bottom box. To copy it, press “Ctrl” and “C” if you’re using a PC, or “Command” and “C” if you’re using a Mac. To paste the Zalgo text, use “Ctrl” and “V” on a PC or “Command” and “V” on a Mac. Zalgo text can be pasted into emails, onto web forums, into blogs, into Notepad and Word Documents and many other places.


By using your PC or Mac's copy and paste functions you can also copy and paste Zalgo text created by others that you see online.


Other Zalgo text conversion websites are available, however, many contain foul language and adult themes.