How to Sync a New Dish Network Remote Receiver

by Mandy SlakeUpdated September 28, 2017

When you purchase a new Dish Network remote, the remote is automatically set to the default remote address. Dish Network remotes use radio frequencies, so it's possible for remotes in other rooms to cause interference problems. Dish Network users can change the remote address to prevent this issue. If you have changed the remote address in your receiver, you will need to sync the receiver to the new remote.

Press the "SYSTEM INFO" button on your Dish Network receiver.

Find the "Remote Address" field under the "Important System Information" screen.

Press and hold the "SAT" button on the new remote until the top row of keys light up. Release the button, and the "SAT" button will start to blink.

Enter the address for your new remote. Pick a number between 1 and 16.

Press the "#" key and wait for the "SAT" button to blink three times, then press "RECORD." The "Remote Address" field will change.

Press the "SELECT" button on the remote to close the menu.

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