Teleport Cheats in "Oblivion"

By Morris Wall

Updated September 22, 2017

"Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" takes place in the large province of Tamriel which includes major cities, towns, dungeons and shrines. You can walk, travel by horse and "fast travel" to move between locations in the game. Several buildings contain portals that will teleport your character to other locations within the same building. Cheats to move between locations are available in downloaded content (DLC) you can purchase. There are also console commands to teleport between locations that are only available to players on the PC platform.

Fast Travel

"Oblivion" features the ability to instantly teleport between distant locations by merely selecting them from your map using your game controller or mouse. Your character will instantly move between the locations you select and time will pass appropriately depending on whether you were on foot or horse at the time. Many strict role-playing game (RPG) players do not use fast travel to create a more realistic gaming experience.


Several buildings in the game contain portals that will teleport you between locations within the building. The lobby of Arcane University has portals to move between the chambers and living quarters of the building. Several "Oblivion" gates have portals to move between the levels of the gate, and to the wastelands on the exterior. In some cases the portals provide convenience, and in others, they are the only means of reaching a critical location.

Downloaded Content

Several DLC modules contain portals that are customized to be advantageous for specific character classes. The Frostcrag Spire module provides a tower home for magic users that includes portals to instantly teleport to the lobby of any of the mage guilds in the game. Your horse (if owned) is automatically teleported and stabled outside the gate of the city for that guild. There are no portals to return to the tower, but you can fast travel back to it similar to any other locations that are located on your map.

Console Commands

Players on the PC platform can press the tilde ("~") key to access the command console and enter cheat codes to augment their gaming experience. Enter "Player.coc CharcoalCave" (without quotes) to instantly teleport your character to the Charcoal cave from any location. Type "Player.movetoqt" (without quotes) to instantly teleport your character to the next target in your current quest. Always save your game prior to using console commands to avoid any undesirable results or glitches.