Games That Use the Wii Motion Camera

By Gary Fish

Updated September 22, 2017

This camera can be used as a webcam for applications, such as Skype or YouTube.
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The motion detecting camera manufactured by Ubisoft attaches to the Nintendo Wii with an universal serial bus (USB) connector. This technology aims to create an interactive user experience with some of the Wii games. The motion camera allows users to control the game by moving in front of the camera to move the character on the screen. The Ubisoft motion camera can also be connected to a computer and used as a webcam.

"Your Shape"

"Your Shape" is an exercise game created for the Wii that is hosted by Jenny McCarthy in the U.S. version of the game. The game interacts with the camera by allowing users to perform movements and exercises while having their movements documented through the camera. There are several other versions of the game that have been released with different hosts and in their native languages. The exercises contained on the game contain workouts created by "Men's Health" and "Women's Health" magazines.

"Racquet Sports"

"Racquet Sports" is a game released for the Nintendo Wii that allows users to play different games, like tennis badminton, ping pong, squash and beach paddle games. Although there are other games available on the Wii that let you play tennis and ping pong, this is the only one allowing you to put down the remote and play using the motion camera. This game can accommodate up to four players, but there is no option for online play.

Games That Would Benefit from the Wii Motion Camera

The Nintendo Wii has a large library of games and some of those could potentially benefit from the motion camera technology. Games contained on Wii Sports, like bowling could be developed to be played without the use of the remote. Other games that could be developed that involve running or jumping actions could be well-integrated into using the motion camera technology. Helping users get up and moving will help change the stereotype of the sedentary, video game player.

Limitations of the Wii Motion Camera

Currently there are only two games that employ the technology of the motion camera for the Nintendo Wii. With such a limited game library, users may not feel that the camera is a useful accessory to be purchased. Another limitation would be that the user needs a dedicated amount of space in front of the console so that their motions can be seen and recognized in the game.