How to Get Hercules to Come with You on Mythology Island on "Poptropica"

By Andrea Reuter

Updated September 22, 2017

Hercules, son of Zeus, runs a cafe on Mythology Island in the online game "Poptropica," where he spends his days signing autographs for a fee. You need Hercules's strength to get to some locations on Mythology Island, but the hero is reluctant to help you. Hercules will follow you after you obtain a mirror from Aphrodite and collect five items for Zeus: a Hydra scale, a rare flower, the Minotaur's ring, Cerberus's whisker and Poseidon's pearl.

Travel to Mythology Island. Go left from the starting screen to reach the Tree of Immortality. Climb the tree branches and speak to the satyr on the upper right side.

Find the satyr's 10 jars of honey within 60 seconds. Speak to the satyr again to reveal a secret path. Climb through the branches to obtain the golden apple and trigger a meeting with Zeus. Take the scroll from Zeus to obtain your mission.

Leave the tree. Go right and enter the Museum of Olympus. Go right again, then jump up and obtain the starfish. Leave the museum.

Go right and enter the temple of Apollo. Go right and obtain a reed pipe. Go one room to the left and speak to the statue that holds a reed pipe. Repeat the song pattern played by the statue on your pipe to obtain a pipe tune. Leave the temple.

Go left to a sign that reads "Meet the Minotaur." Jump up to the doorway, which has a flower with numbered petals of different colors. Use the reed pipe from your inventory to play the color pattern from the doorway on the pipe to unlock the door.

Enter the building. Go left and speak to the Minotaur, then enter the doorway to its right. Navigate the labyrinth and return to the Minotaur to obtain its ring. Exit the Minotaur's lair. Jump up and to the right to find a pomegranate tree. Click on a fruit to add it to your inventory.

Jump down. Click on the withered plant just to the right of the Minotaur sign to speak to the Sphinx. Jump up and to the right. Climb the rope leading to the aqueducts.

Flip the switches and lower the ramps to allow water to flow throughout the area. Return to the Sphinx to obtain a rare flower.

Go right and enter the Underworld. Use the pomegranates from your inventory to unlock the door. Go through the doorway and jump off the edge of the platform.

Speak to Charon, who will take you across the river Styx. Play the pipe tune on the lute to lull Cerberus to sleep. Click on the beast to obtain its whisker.

Exit the Underworld. Go right and enter Poseidon's temple. Use the starfish on the pedestal to the left of the locked door.

Walk left. Speak to Aphrodite on the beach. Solve her hangman-style puzzles to receive the touchscreen mirror. Walk left. Click "Dive" when you reach the dark section of water.

Navigate the underwater maze and find the giant pearl within a clam shell. Enter the cave at the lower left side of the pool. Jump onto each head of the Hydra to knock the beast out, then click on one of its heads to obtain a Hydra scale.

Return to Athena at the Tree of Immortality. Zeus will take the five objects. Go right and enter Herc's Hero Hut. Speak to Hercules, and he'll agree to help you on your quest.