How to Get Scizor in "Pokemon SoulSilver" without Trading

By Cynthia Chen

Updated September 22, 2017

Scizor is a Bug and Steel-type Pokemon introduced in the second generation of "Pokemon" games. It is the evolved form of Scyther and has the same base stat total as its first stage form, albeit sacrificing Speed for Attack. Scizor is a popular Pokemon in battles due to its numerous resistances, its Technician ability and its access to a wide array of useful attacks, such as U-turn, Bullet Punch, Pursuit and Superpower. In "Pokemon SoulSilver," you can obtain Scizor without trading by exploiting a glitch in the Global Trade Station.

Defeat the Elite Four and Lance. Speak to Professor Elm to get the S.S. Ticket.

Fly to Olivine City. Speak to the sailor at the docks to board the S.S. Aqua. Enter the cabins one by one and defeat the trainers as you go. Head down to the basement.

Defeat the picnicker and head up the stairs on the opposite side of the ship. Enter the captain’s cabin to find a little girl. Find her again after she runs away and talk to her to get the Metal Coat.

Fly to Goldenrod City and head north to reach the National Park. Enter the Bug-Catching Contest and capture a Scyther.

Give the Metal Coat to Scyther and offer to trade Scyther on the Global Trade Station (GTS). Make an impossible request, such as a level 1 Mewtwo, to ensure Scyther does not get traded. Immediately withdraw Scyther from the GTS, and it will evolve into a Scizor.