How to Set a Video to Loop on My iPad

by Alexander Poirier ; Updated September 28, 2017

Apple's iPad comes with a built-in application for viewing videos on the device. Unfortunately, this video application does not allow you to loop a video that is playing on the device. There is a workaround, however; you can view the video as a slideshow in the iPad's photo-viewing application.

Double-click the iTunes application icon on the computer to launch the application. Click the "File" tab and select the "Add to Library..." option from the File menu. Locate the video file that you want to loop on the iPad device, highlight it and click the "Choose" button to add the file to the iTunes library.

Click the "Movies" option beneath the "Library" heading in the iTunes application window. Click the video file you added to the iTunes library in Step 1 to highlight it. Click the "Advanced" tab and select the "Create iPad or Apple TV Version" from the Advanced menu. Allow several minutes for the iTunes application to create an iPad version of the file.

Right-click the iPad version of the file you created in Step 2 and select the "Show in Window Explorer" option or the "Show in Finder" option if using a Mac. Click on the file in the Explorer or Finder window and drag the file onto the computer's desktop. Right-click on the computer's desktop and select the "New Folder" option. Enter a name for the folder in the space provided and drag the movie file into the new folder.

Connect the iPad to the computer via the iPad connection cable that came with the device. Click on the iPad beneath the "Devices" heading in the iTunes window. Click the "Photos" tab to view the device's photo sync settings. Place a check mark next to the "Sync Photos From" option and click the "Choose Folder..." option. Select the folder you created in Step 3 that contains the video file and click the "Choose" button to choose the folder.

Place a check mark next to the "Include videos" option in the iTunes window. Click the "Apply" button to apply the changes and sync the folder with the iPad device. Click the "Eject" button to the right of the iPad device and disconnect the device from the computer.

Tap the "Settings" icon on the iPad's home screen, followed by the "Photos" option. Slide the "Repeat" slider to the "ON" position to activate the repeat feature in the Photos application.

Tap the "Photos" icon on the iPad's home screen, followed by the folder you synced with the device in Step 5. Tap the video file, followed by the "Play" button. The video plays through and repeats until you stop the slideshow.

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