How to Record While You Talk on the iPhone

by Adele EliotUpdated September 28, 2017

The iPhone has the ability to record voice memos, useful for capturing thoughts while you're traveling, for business purposes or for recording greetings, conversations and notes. Once you have recorded a voice memo on an iPhone, you can transfer it as an MP3 file the next time you sync your phone with iTunes, and play it back through your computer.

Unlock your iPhone and tap the microphone symbol on the homepage.

Tap the red circle on the bottom left-hand side of screen. This is the record button. Unless your phone is on silent, a tone will sound to indicate it is recording. The audio level meter at the bottom center of the screen will show how much sound the microphone is receiving.

Tap the pause or stop button once you have finished recording. Tapping the pause button (this is represented by two red vertical lines on the bottom left-hand side) will allow you to continue recording using the same voice file later, but it won't save your recording in the meantime. Tapping the stop button (this is a black rectangle on the bottom right-hand side) will finish and save the recording.

Tap the button with three horizontal lines to the bottom right-hand side of the screen when you have paused or stopped recording. This button takes you to a list of your saved voice memos.

Tap on the memo at the top of the list to replay your most recent recording. The memo will be labeled with the time and date it was recorded in the left-hand column and its length in minutes and seconds in the right-hand column. Simply tap twice anywhere on the memo to listen again.


You can also tap the center button on Apple headphones while they are plugged into the headphone jack in your iPhone to start recording.

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