How to Change Your Email for an Asiasoft Passport

By Anita Dixon

Updated September 22, 2017

Asiasoft is an online game operator that provides games and online content for users in several Southeast Asia countries, including Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia. Maplestory, PangYa, Audition Online and Grand Chase are a few of the MMOPGs (massively multiplayer online playing game) that Asiasoft publishes. Asiasoft Passport is an online account that provides access to all of the company’s games and services. Registration for an Asiasoft Passport account requires an email address. Once you have set up your account, you may find that you need to change your email address. Submitting a request to change your email address only takes a few minutes.

Scan a color copy of the front and back of your national ID and save the document to your computer. Acceptable national ID types include a driver’s license with photo, Identity Card, National Registration Identity Cards and a student ID with photo.

Scan a color copy of the front and back of an official document if you do not have any of these forms of ID available. The document must show your full name, National ID number and date of birth.

Open your email program.

Look for the “New," “Compose” or a similarly named button to compose a new email. This button will vary depending on your email program.

Compose a short email message explaining that you would like to change your current email address. Provide your Asiasoft Passport login in the body of the email.

Specify the new email address that you wish to use for your Asiasoft Passport account.

Attach the scanned copy of your ID to your email by clicking on the “Attachments” button, “Attach Files," or a similar button. A paperclip icon can also represent the “Attachments” command as well.

Browse your computer to locate your saved ID document file. Select it and click on the “Attach Files” command.

Address the email to Fill in the subject line with the title, “Request to update email."

Click on the “Send” button to send the email to Asiasoft Passport.

Wait for an email from Asiasoft Passport that will confirm receipt of your request.

Asiasoft will check the information on your Asiasoft Passport account against the ID documentation that you emailed. If there are any discrepancies, Asiasoft will contact you with a request for additional verification. If all information matches, Asiasoft will process your email address change request.


If you do not receive a response to your email address change request, check the Junk folder for your email program to make sure that emails from Asiasoft are not being sent there.