How to Reset Skill Points in Diablo 2

By Ryan Webster

Updated September 22, 2017

"Diablo II: Lord Of Destruction" was released for PC in June of 2001 and is a very successful online role-playing game produced by the same company that developed "World Of Warcraft." Resetting skill points was not possible in "Diablo II" until patch "1.13" was released. All versions of "Diablo II" 1.13 and onwards will allow you to reset your skill points for free up to three times per character.

Visit the "Rogue Encampment" in Act 1 in any difficulty. Speak to "Akara" in the upper-right corner of town to receive the quest "The Den Of Evil."

Visit "The Den Of Evil" and slay all monsters inside of the den to complete the quest. Exit the den and walk back to town or use a "Scroll Of Town Portal" to get back to town quickly.

Speak to Akara to receive your free skill point and your "Reset Skills" reward. You do not have to reset your skills right away and can save this option for later if you wish. Akara only allows you to do this once in each difficulty, so make sure you really want to reset your skills before you execute the command.


Using this option will also reset your "Status" points, so make sure to note what they are set to if you want them to remain the same.