How to Charge the Battery in My Kindle

by Cricket WebberUpdated September 28, 2017
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Kindle digital book readers have excellent battery life, but occasionally, you will have to charge the battery to continue reading. The Kindle can be charged in two ways and this allows you to perform the task under various circumstances. If you want to give your Kindle a rapid charge, the best option is to use a wall outlet. This is not always feasible, though, and in a pinch, you can charge your Kindle using a desktop or laptop computer.

Charge via Wall Outlet


Plug the USB end of the Kindle charging cable into the power adapter plug.


Connect the smaller end of the Kindle charging cable into the matching port on the bottom of the device, next to the power switch.


Connect the power adapter plug to a working wall outlet. The charge time will vary, depending on how low your Kindle's battery is.

Charge via Desktop or Laptop Computer


Remove the power adapter plug from your Kindle charging cable. Your computer should be plugged into a wall outlet to charge peripheral devices such as your Kindle. You should also disable hibernation on the computer while charging your Kindle to prevent the process from being interrupted.


Place the small end of the Kindle charging cable into the matching port on the bottom edge of your Kindle.


Plug the USB end of the Kindle charging cable directly into the computer's USB port. Do not connect through another peripheral device such as a hub or a keyboard because the Kindle will not be able to fully charge.


Look at your Kindle's screen to verify that it is connected. You should see the "USB Device Mode" screen.


When charging, your Kindle's indicator light near the power switch will glow amber. Once the Kindle is fully charged, the light will turn green.

Charging the Kindle via your computer will take longer than charging it through a wall outlet.


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