How to Finish "Grow Island"

by Joshua Benjamin ; Updated September 22, 2017

"Grow Island" is one of the larger games on the flash-game site "Eyemaze." Like the other games on the site, gameplay consists of clicking on specific items in a pre-determined order to make things happen in the game. In this case, the items you click on will convert a small island from a completely undeveloped land mass into a bustling metropolis--or an alien planet, depending on how you go about it.

Click the "Mechanical Engineering" (the bolt) icon, followed by the "Civil Engineering" (Pickaxe) icon.

Watch your little yellow man dig a circular pathway, then click the "Architecture" (Logs) icon.

Wait for the little yellow man to pave the road with the machine that appeared, then click the Steering Wheel icon.

Watch the little man use his leveled-up machine to cut away a section of the island for a port (with a sword, no less), then click the "Environmental Engineering" (Smokestack) icon.

Watch as things begin to really get moving on the island -- the proposal of the man, the advent of the car, and other changes -- then click the "Electrical Engineering" (Battery) option.

Click the "Computer Science" (microchip) icon once the animations have finished.

Click the "Applied Chemistry" (burner) icon to complete the island and finish the game.

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