How to Get Teleport Spheres in "Final Fantasy X"

By K.C. Moore

Updated September 22, 2017

The role-playing game "Final Fantasy X" introduced the Sphere Grid system to the game franchise, changing the way characters are leveled up when they gain experience. Players put different spheres around the Sphere Grid to select which abilities and bonuses they want each character to have. Teleport Spheres are special items which allow a character to jump to another section of the Sphere Grid, provided that section is unlocked. For example, a Teleport Sphere would allow Tidus to instantly start learning spells that Yuna knows instead of moving around the Sphere Grid to reach those spells. Teleport Spheres can only be obtained a few ways.

Steal a Teleport Sphere from enemies. During the Boss Battle with the Three Sisters, you can steal a Teleport Sphere from Dark Mindy. Use Steal on Th'uban in the Monster Arena to obtain a Teleport Sphere.

Bribe a Barbatos to obtain 10 Teleport Spheres. Barbatos are randomly occurring monsters that appear inside Sin. The cost of bribing a Barbatos is 950,000 Gil.

Defeat a Master Tonberry using your strongest spells and special attacks to receive a teleport sphere. Master Tonberry is a randomly-occurring monster found in the Omega Ruins. Defeating a Master Tonberry will not always spawn a Teleport Sphere, but the more you defeat them, the better chances you have of obtaining a sphere.

Defeat a Sleep Sprout in the Monster Arena to win a Teleport Sphere. Unlike Master Tonberry, the Sleep Sprout in the Monster Arena drops Teleport Spheres more frequently when defeated.

Catch all seven blue butterflies in the butterfly-catching mini-game located in both the northern and central part of Macalania Woods. A Teleport Sphere is the prize for catching all seven butterflies the first time you encounter the game. If you play the game again in the other area, the prize will be a Saturn Sigil.

Locate Teleport Spheres in treasure boxes hidden in different areas of the world. There is one Teleport Sphere located in a treasure box in the Omega Ruins. Two Teleport Spheres are in the west section of the Sanubia Desert.

Pay Yojimbo 900,000 Gil instead of the 300,000 Gil he asks for when you defeat him in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. He will reward you with two Teleport Spheres.


When you defeat a Master Tonberry or Sleep Sprout using an Overkill attack, you receive double the reward, or double the Teleport Spheres. An Overkill attack is one that does exponentially greater damage to an enemy's remaning health points.