What Z-Items Can Increase Your Health Bars in "DBZ BT3" for PS2?

By Wes Walcott

Updated September 22, 2017

"Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3" is a fighting game based on the anime series "Dragon Ball Z." While the game boasts a roster of fighters with more than 150 characters to choose from, depending on the selected game mode, not all characters have an equal amount of health at the start of battle. To help balance things out and enable weaker characters to go toe-to-toe with heavy hitters, players can use various Z-items to increase the health of their fighters.

Dende's Healing Ability

Dende's Healing Ability is a skill-type Z-item. The item has the effect of slowly restoring the user's health bars over time.

Superior Regeneration Cells

Superior Regeneration Cells are a Red Potara Z-item. Using this item allows players to recover health bars over time at a faster rate than Dende's Healing Ability.

Super Mode

Super Mode is a Red Potara Z-item. It functions much like Super Regeneration Cells but recovers health bars at a faster rate.

Water Blessing

Water Blessing is a skill-type Z-item. When a player has Water Blessing equipped, he automatically recovers health bars and ki whenever he is in water. Only evil characters can equip this item.

Master Roshi's Training

Master Roshi's Training is a skill-type Z-item. Using this item will increase a character's health by 10,000 -- the equivalent of one full health bar.

King Kai's Training

King Kai's Training is a skill-type Z-item that works like a superior version of Master Roshi's training. Equipping a character with this item will increase his health by 20,000, giving him an extra two health bars.

Strength Enhancement

Strength Enhancement is a Red Potara Z-item. Equipping a character with this item raises his health by 30,000, giving him an additional three bars of health.