How to Fly in Survival Mode in "Minecraft"

By Katherine Harvey

Updated September 22, 2017

"Minecraft" can be described as the world's most complex digital Lego set. There are no real goals in "Minecraft." Your player character must mine and harvest resources in order to build whatever you can imagine. Survival mode adds an additional twist to the game by having animate skeletons, giant spiders and zombies wander the landscape, seeking to devour the player and destroy whatever she builds. By modding the game, players can enable the player character to fly in survival mode, allowing her to escape hostile situations.

Register for an account at "World of Minecraft."

Download the World of Minecraft Wrapper Client and "Minecraft.jar" after you register. The website will redirect you to the client after you register. See Resources for further information on "Minecraft.jar".

Navigate to your "Downloads" folder, right-click Minecraft.jar and click "Copy".

Navigate to your "Minecraft" folder.

Open the folder labeled "womclient-1.5.9\lib".

Paste Minecraft.jar.

Double-click the file "run.bat" under the "womclient-1.5.9\lib" folder.

Close the folder, then start a game of Minecraft in survival mode.

Press the "Z" key to enable flight. Hold down "Q" to fly up, "E" to fly downward and "X" to be able to fly through objects.