How to Get Off Zombie Mode on "Skate 3"

By Melissa King

Updated September 22, 2017

In "Skate 3," you and your friends fight to rise to the top of the skateboarding world while creating custom moves, boards and parks. Cheat codes allow you to enhance your game, unlocking characters and special boards. One cheat code activates Zombie mode. In Zombie mode, pedestrians chase you wherever you go in an attempt to knock you down. This can make skateboarding very challenging. If you entered the code for Zombie mode, it is possible to turn it off again.

Pause your "Skate 3" game. Scroll down and select the "Extras" menu.

Select "Enter Cheat Code." Type "Zombie" using the on-screen keyboard. Back out of the menu and start the game to activate the code.

Return to the "Enter Cheat Code" menu and type "Zombie" again whenever you want to turn the code off.


Using cheats in "Skate 3" does not disable Achievements or Trophies.