How to Take Screenshots in "Grand Theft Auto IV"

By Seth Amery

Updated September 22, 2017

Depending on the system with which you play "Grand Theft Auto IV," the way to take a screenshot varies. Steam copies have a built-in function that automatically takes and saves screenshots, and Games for Windows copies use standard Windows shortcuts. Console versions, however, require capture cards for quality pictures.

Steam Edition

While in-game, press the "F12" key to automatically take and save a screenshot. The file saves in hard-to-decipher folders within Steam's installed path, but you don't need to hunt for them through trial and error; in the Steam client, select the game and scroll down to the Screenshot Library. Click "View Screenshots" to see the pictures you've taken, upload them to Steam or locate them on the hard drive.

Games for Windows Edition

There is no default way to save a screenshot within Games for Windows. However, players running "Grand Theft Auto IV" on Windows 8 can use the operating system's built-in function instead: Pressing the Windows and "PrtScrn" keys saves a screenshot of the entire window as a file in the Pictures folder.

Console Versions

Neither the Xbox 360 nor the PlayStation 3 include a native screenshot feature to upload to your PC. Instead, you'll need a capture card, designed to plug into your PC's expansion slot. The model and brand you use will govern specific instructions, but most need to be installed into your computer and plugged into the console using composite cables.