What Happens If You Lose a Gamefly Game?

By Wayne Howard

Updated September 22, 2017

You can lose in the game but don't actually lose the game.
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Gamefly is a service that allows you to have games delivered directly to your house for a monthly fee. Just like anything that comes through the mail, there are times when it could get lost in transit. Maybe you received the game but just lost it on your own. Fear not, for Gamefly has solutions for any issue that may arise dealing with the games.

You Haven't Received the Game

There are times when a game may get lost in transit to you. Gamefly states that you are not responsible if this happens. If it has been more than seven days since the game was shipped and you have not received it, Gamefly asks that you report it as a shipping problem and select "Game never arrived." Gamefly will do its own investigation to find out what happened to the game.

Gamefly Hasn't Received the Game

You've enjoyed your game and sent it back to Gamefly as normal, but after more than seven days, you notice that Gamefly is still not showing it as received. Gamefly also states that you are not responsible if this happens. If after seven days you notice your game has not been received, simply report a shipping problem and choose "GameFly never received my return." Again, Gamefly will initiate its own investigation to locate the game.

Game Was Lost or Damaged

One instance where you would be personally responsible for a game would be if you were to lose or damage one of Gamefly's games. If the game is available for purchase, you should initiate a purchase of the game through your GameQ. If it is not available to purchase, you should report a shipping problem and choose "I lost/damaged the game." Gamefly will initiate billing you for the lost or damaged title.

Lost Sleeve

A less serious issue would be losing the sleeve or envelope to return the game. If you have lost the pre-paid envelope to return the game, you can request one by reporting a shipping issue and choosing "I lost the game's sleeve or mailer." Gamefly will promptly send you another one. If you have lost the sleeve, simply write your name and email login on a sheet of paper and wrap the game in that.