How to Pick Locks in Morrowind

By C.A. Rubino

Updated September 22, 2017

There are few games that indulge those with an insatiable sense of curiosity like “The Elder Scroll: Morrowind.” You're able to wander and explore the Morrowind world at your leisure, so the game is constantly rewarding your wanderlust with new treasures, quests and areas to uncover. Even locked doors and chests are no match for your curiosity. The security skill is one of many that your character can learn and develop during the game. The skill allows you to tackle any lock you see with a probe and a lockpick, leaving items previously guarded open and ripe for plunder.

Acquire a lockpick and a probe. Probes are not necessary for opening locks, but they are used to disable any traps that may be guarding the lock. Both lockpicks and probes come in a variety of qualities, starting at the apprentice’s lockpick and the bent probe all the way to the grandmaster’s lockpick and probe. Tools with a higher quality increase your chance of successfully disarming a trap and opening the lock. Both lockpicks and probes can be found in the game world or purchased from certain vendors, typically those located in Thieves Guild halls.

Equip the probe tool as you would a weapon. You can do this either through the inventory screen or you can assign the probe a quick item slot for easy access. Press the same key you use to draw your weapon once you have the probe equipped; the default key is “f” on the PC. Use the probe on the locked object by pressing the attack key to attempt to remove the trap. Your chance of disarming the trap depends on your attributes, combined with your security skill and the quality of the probe.

Repeat the same process for the lockpick. Equip the lockpick from the inventory and arm it as you did the probe. Use it on the locked object in the same manner. You will be notified if your attempt succeeds or fails. You decrease the amount of times the tool can be used before it breaks each time you attempt to pick a lock, whether you're successful or not.


If you do wish to invest time into learning the security skill you can use the magic instead. Use the open spell to disable any locks and the telekinesis spell to trigger any traps from a safe distance. The more powerful the spell is, the more complex a lock it can open.


You have a no chance of opening the lock if you get the message that the lock is too complex for you. This does cause any wear on the lockpick.

Disabling traps and picking locks is considered a crime if you are witnessed. Remain hidden and out of sight when attempting to break a lock, otherwise you may be attacked or a guard may be called.