How to Configure Your PS3 Controller for ePSXe

By Sara Bailey

Updated September 28, 2017

Using ePSXe to play Sony PSX games on a computer is a great way to play all those classic PlayStation games again. A problem with ePSXe is that you cannot connect the original PSX controller to a computer. You can, however, connect a PS3 controller to a computer. Using A PS3 controller to play ePSXe is a great way to complete the experience of playing PSX games from a computer.

Connect the PS3 controller to the computer with its USB cable and press the center button on the PS3 controller.

Open ePSXe and click the "Config" button on the top of the ePSXe window. Click the "Game pad" option on the context menu that comes up. Click "Port 1" and "Pad 1" on the next window that comes up. An image of the PSX controller will come up.

Single-click each button on the image of the PSX image and press the button on the PS3 controller that you want to control that specific button. Continue to map each PSX button to the PS3 controller.

Single-click "OK" on the bottom of the game pad configuration window to save the settings. Insert the PSX game disk into the computer's DVD drive.

Single-click the "File" button on the top of the main ePSXe window. Click "Run CDROM" from the context menu and the PSX game will run with ePSXe. Use the PS3 controller to control the game.