How to Print Screen on a MacBook Pro

By Julius Vandersteen

Updated September 28, 2017

Take a picture of your screen with Grab on your MacBook Pro.
i Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

What you see on the screen of your Apple MacBook Pro laptop computer changes from one minute to the next. If you want to keep a record of what’s currently appearing in the display, you can make a screen shot, which is the same thing as “print screen” on a Windows computer. For example, you might be monitoring a Web page that has regular updates, with an open email message in a window next to the browser window that you’d like to make a record of before the information changes. You can easily make a screen shot on your MacBook Pro.

Click “Grab” on the MacBook Pro dock, which is located on the bottom or side of the screen, to launch Apple’s native screen shot utility. If Grab is not on the dock, access it in Applications > Utilities.

Click “Capture” from Grab’s menu.

Click “Screen.” The “Screen Grab” window appears. Click an area outside of the “Screen Grab” window to take a screen shot of the entire display of your MacBook Pro. An untitled image appears.

Click “Save” from the menu and type a new name for the screen shot, such as “Screenshot June 15 2011.” Click a folder on your MacBook Pro where you want to save the screen shot and then click “Save.”