GameShark Cheats for How to Warp in "Pokemon Emerald" ROM

By Alan Donahue

Updated September 22, 2017

In "Pokemon: Emerald" for Game Boy Advanced, players earn the ability to warp from town to town instead of traveling on foot. Instead of building up badges and earning the warp powers, the GameShark features codes that players can use to warp to various cities. Each code is entered in the GameShark application separately before the game is loaded and does not include periods. The codes will save to the GameShark and can be reactivated each time the game restarts.


Use the code "19C67C656689-94218B107756" to get the Navel Rock warp. Use "19C67C656689-94218B107753" for Southern Island. The code "19C67C656689-94318A10E753" gains access to Faraway Island. Birth Island is opened with "19C67C656689-94318B106753."

Pokemon Zones

The Battle Frontier and Safari Zone are areas filled with Pokemon to battle and capture. Use "19C67C656689-94318B106757" for Battle Frontier. Use "19C67C656689-1DA06A84F231" for the Safari Zone.


There are nine cities that players can warp to. "19C67C656689-12B9BF135649" unlocks the Petalburg City warp. Unlock the Slateport City warp with "19C67C656689-12B9BE135649." Unlock the Mauville City warp with "19C67C656689-12B9BF13D649." Use the code "19C67C656689-12B93F135649" to unlock the Fortree City warp. Use the code "19C67C656689-12B93E135649" to unlock the Lilycove City warp. Warp to Rustboro City with the code "19C67C656689-12B9BE13D649." The code "19C67C656689-12B93F13D649" unlocks Mossdeep City warp, "19C67C656689-12B93E13D649" unlocks the Sootopolis City warp and "19C67C656689 12B9BF13564D" unlocks the warp to Ever Grande City.


Seven different towns all feature warps in them. "19C67C656689-12B93E13D64D" unlocks the warp to Pacifidlog Town. "19C67C656689-12B9BE13D64D" unlocks the Dewford Town warp. Use "19C67C656689-12B9BF13D64D" for the Oldale Town warp and "19C67C656689-12B9BE13564D" for the Little Root town warp. "19C67C656689-12B93F13564D" unlocks the warp to Lavaridge Town. "19C67C656689-12B93E13564D" unlocks the Fallarbor Town warp and "19C67C656689-12B93F13D64D" unlocks the Verdanturf Town warp.