Truth or Dare Ideas for Kids

By Scott Cornell

Updated September 22, 2017

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"Truth or Dare" is a simple, popular game that can be played by all ages. It requires of a group of players. When selected, a player must choose a "truth" or a "dare." If the player chooses truth, he must answer any question honestly. If the player chooses dare, then he must perform any dare challenge. However, at youth ages, certain truths or dares can put children in uncomfortable positions. Therefore its good for parents to suggest G-rated questions and dares that can be fun for everyone.

Truth: Imagination Questions

One way to have fun playing "Truth or Dare" and get a child's imagine kicking is to ask fantasy questions, such as "If you had could have any super power, which one would it be?" Another example of this type of truth question is, "If you were on a deserted island, what three things would you bring and why?" These are questions that often provoke comical responses while getting a child thinking at the same time.

Truth: Funny Questions

There can sometimes be a fine line between funny and hurtful, so its important to set guidelines for truth questions that don't provoke hurtful answers. Some examples of questions that playfully poke fun at others are those such as, "What animal would you want as a pet and what would you name it?," "Have you ever got the giggles in an inappropriate place?" and "What's your most embarrassing moment?" These questions are all certain to provide laughs and entertainment.

Dare: Physical Challenges

Humorous dares are those that involve unusual physical activity. Dares such as standing on one foot and hopping for a designated period of time, dancing wildly or smelling a person in the group's feet are all examples of physical challenges that would certainly provoke laughter. Older children might even be dared to kiss one person in the group on the cheek or to run through the room in nothing but underwear.

Dare: Verbal Challenges

According to Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids, there are several verbal dare challenges that can be ordered if a game participant chooses dare over truth. Things like yelling out random exclamations for the remainder of the game, saying, "Hippity hop" after every sentence you speak, or singing all your words to the tune of "Happy Birthday" for the rest of the game. These are all fun, harmless dares that entertain all.