How to Be a Contestant on "Family Feud" Hosted by Steve Harvey

By Blake Guthrie

Updated September 22, 2017

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Comedian and actor Steve Harvey has been the permanent host of the long-running popular game show "Family Feud" since 2010. The show, taped in Atlanta, has seen a significant spike in ratings since Harvey took over hosting duties. Those interested in becoming contestants need to plan on taking a trip to Georgia's state capital if selected, although in-person auditions may take place in other cities.

Gather the Family

Potential contestants for "Family Feud" may audition via video or in person. A total of five family members are needed to audition. All family members must be related by blood, marriage or legal adoption.

In-Person Audition

In-person auditions take place in various cities by appointment only. You must apply for an audition via the email address provided at the show's website. It's recommended you include pictures and video of your family when applying to increase your chances of landing an in-person audition.

Video Audition

Video auditions for "Family Feud" are accepted through the show's Facebook app or by mailing a DVD to the address provided at the show's website. Five family members must be included in the three- to five-minute video. The producers suggest playing a mock version of the game in the video as well as doing anything else to stand out and show your family's fun side.