How to Redeem a Gift Code in Minecraft

By Shea Laverty

Updated September 22, 2017

If you want to give the gift of "Minecraft," you can purchase a pre-paid gift card at a number of retailers. When redeemed, these gift cards grant a full copy of "Minecraft," as if it had been purchased directly from the online store. To redeem a gift code, you need an Mojang account, which is needed to play the game anyway.

Code Redemption

To redeem your code, you need to sign into your Mojang account using your preferred Web browser. Then, go to the code redemption page linked in the Resources section and enter the gift code. The code is a 10-digit alphanumeric sequence, hidden under a silver scratch-off section on the back of the card. Enter the code exactly as it's displayed, then click "Redeem."

Errors or Issues

If you receive a message stating your gift code is invalid, take a picture of the card's number and the receipt and contact Mojang customer support for further investigation. If the Mojang site asked you to open or save a file during redemption, you may need to enable Javascript in order to access the site. If you receive an error message stating that Mojang is unable to redeem the code, wait an hour or two and try again, in case Mojang's servers were down. If this doesn't work, return the card to the store with your receipt and make sure it's been activated. If nothing else works, contact Mojang customer support for further inquiry. Also, be sure to use your card before the printed expiration date, or it will become invalid.