How to Replay Jobs on "Sly 2"

By Peter Forsythe

Updated September 22, 2017

Released for the PlayStation 2 game console in 2004, "Sly 2: Band of Thieves" is a sequel to "Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus." With multi-character gameplay across eight episodes, there are a number of jobs to complete. However, the linear narrative of the game can make it difficult to jump back and play any past job you wish. There's an easy way to jump to any job in any episode for a quick replay.

Press the "Start" button at any point during the game.

Warp to whichever episode of the game that contains the job you wish to replay by entering the correct code. To go to episode 1, press these buttons in the following order: "down," "R1," "left," "right," "R1," "down." For episode 2 press "R1," "left," "right," "R1," "left," "down." The code for episode 3 is "up," "left," "right," "left," "down," "up." Episode 4 is "up," "right," "right," "up," "left," "left." Episode 5 is "left," "R1," "down," "down," "up," "right." To warp to episode 6 press "down," "up," "R1," "R1," "left," "down." For episode 7 press "left," "left," "left," "down," "down," "R1." For episode 8, press "down," "up," "left," "left," "R1," "right."

Press "L3" while standing in the episode area to show the location of all job beacons.

Look through your binoculars at the job beacons to see their titles. Choose the job beacon you wish to replay and run toward it.

Step into the beacon to start the job.


If the job you wish to play takes place in your current episode, press "Start," then enter "left," "R1," "up," "down," "up," "left." This will cause you to restart the current episode and select the job.