How to Use a Fightstick With "Mame"

By Alizarin Black

Updated September 22, 2017

"Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator" (MAME) is freeware for Windows that allows you to play classic arcade games on your PC. MAME enables you to configure a gamepad, mouse, game keyboard, Street Fighter IV FightStick and other game peripherals. The Street Fighter IV FightStick is an arcade joystick for the Xbox 360 and Sony PlayStation 3 that resembles the eight-button arcade joystick that also connects to a PC via USB port. You can use a FightStick with MAME instead of a mouse, keyboard or a gamepad.

Plug your FightStick into a USB port on your PC.

Start MAME, click the "Options" menu. Click "Default Game Options" and then click the tab that says "Controllers."

Click "Enable Joystick Input" and hit "OK."

Play a game in MAME by going to your "Available" list on the right side of MAME. Press "Tab" button on your keyboard. You are about to access the MAME in-game options screen.

Click "Input (This Game)" to access the configuration settings for your FightStick. MAME configures your FightStick with default controls, however, you can change the controls by clicking on one of the eight buttons on your FightStick.

Click the "Tab" button on your keyboard twice to return to the game you were playing on MAME. You can begin to use a FightStick.