How to Change the Language in "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion"

By Seth Amery

Updated September 22, 2017

American copies of "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" ship with English as the default language, but other options have existed in the game's INI file since patch 1.1.511. If you have a copy of the game on Steam, however, you don't need to directly alter the file yourself. Instead of English, you can change the language to German, French, Spanish or Italian.

Non-Steam Edition

Open Windows Explorer. In Windows 8, you can press the Windows and "E" keys to quickly open a window.

Navigate to your Documents folder, followed by "My Games." You can find the Oblivion.ini file in the "Oblivion" folder.

Right-click on the file and open it in Notepad or your desired text editor.

Change the value of "iLanguage" under the Controls category. By default, this is 0 for English, but can be 1 for German, 2 for French, 3 for Spanish or 4 for Italian.

Save the file and launch the game to verify it worked.

Steam Edition

Right-click on the game listed in your Steam library to open a menu.

Select "Properties." This opens a new window with developer and publisher information.

Switch to the Language tab and change the value. As before, you can pick German, French, Spanish or Italian instead of English.

Click "Close" to save the changes. The next time you launch "Oblivion," you'll hear audio in your chosen language.


You must start the game first to generate an INI file.

If something happens to the file and you don't have a backup, delete the file and launch the game to generate a new INI file.


Do not change anything else in the INI file unless you know what it does. Changing a value to an invalid one will break the game.

Copy the file to another location before making any changes. This lets you revert to the original in case something goes wrong.