How to Install an RTD Mod on a TF2 Dedicated Server

By John Grossman

Updated September 22, 2017

Team Fortress 2, or TF2, an online first-person shooter from Valve Corporation, lets users create and host their own dedicated servers. Server administrators can then install various mods to tweak the game mechanics. The RTD mod, or Roll the Dice, lets players type the "!rtd" command in their chat window while playing the game. The mod then randomly chooses an effect and applies it temporarily to the player who typed the command. A player can, for example, get invincible for 10 seconds or lose all of his weapons for a few seconds. You can install a RTD mod on your server in just a few steps.

Connect to your server by using either your web host's remote connection tool or by using the Windows Remote Connection program.

Open Windows Explorer and navigate to the folder where you installed your Team Fortress 2 server. Then navigate to the "sourcemod" folder. You can find this folder by following this hierarchy: "Your main folder\orangebox\tf\addons\sourcemod".

Download the "rtd-0.3.smx" and the "rtd.phrases.txt" files from the Resources section of this article and save them to your hard drive.

Copy the "rtd.phrases.txt" file to the "translations" folder which is inside the "sourcemod" directory on your server.

Copy the "rtd-0.3.smx" file to the "plugins" folder which is inside the "sourcemod" directory on your server.

Type "exit" in your server's console window to turn off the server. Then double-click on your server's shortcut on your server's desktop to restart it. Players who connect to your server will now be able to use the RTD command.